Hello, Goodbye (ending sessions)

Working in a solution focused way, I think of every session with a client as an opportunity to reach a point of realisation that everything needed to achieve the desired outcome is present. I view any single session as potentially all that's needed to reach that point, and therefore can always be the last session. … Continue reading Hello, Goodbye (ending sessions)

Welcome To The Future! (New features! New Music Site!)

Regular visitors to Keep Calm and Solution Focused may notice a few changes this month: Most of the new stuff can be seen on the right side of the screen on pc/mac, or right at the bottom of the page on phone/tablet (scroll all the way down... keep going... a little further... there!) Firstly, I've … Continue reading Welcome To The Future! (New features! New Music Site!)

Adjectives Are Meaningless

I watched a programme on BBC 2 over Christmas called 'Pilgrimage, The Road to Rome'. It was about a bunch of celebrities walking an old pilgrimage route to Rome to meet the pope. One of the celebrities, Stephen K Amos, had a personal agenda; he was determined to challenge the Catholic Church’s apparent traditionally disapproving … Continue reading Adjectives Are Meaningless