The last thing I wrote was written by a different me. The me that is writing this now is different to that one because millions of changes have taken place at a microcellular level. Who knows what this new me might achieve? Especially considering the further microcellular changes that'll inevitably take place in the future. … Continue reading Changes

A Moment To Change It All

It's only Wednesday and already it's been one of those weeks where it seems like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong, everything has become more complicated than anticipated, and everything I’m trying to achieve has just become harder to achieve! 'Everything’ of course is an exaggeration. Plenty has gone well too, and I … Continue reading A Moment To Change It All

Mental Health – What To look Out For

Most of what is presented to us as ‘mental health awareness’ is actually mental illness awareness. The trend has been to tell people signs of mental illness to look out for. Because everyone experiences these things at times, we all dutifully notice them when they crop up and hopefully seek help. This is generally a … Continue reading Mental Health – What To look Out For

Read This If You Want To Win Eurovision!

I love the Eurovision song contest! It’s a force for good in the world, and perhaps the ultimate expression of unbridled joy, arrived at through the promotion of diversity, collaboration and positivity. Of the 26 acts competing in the final on Saturday, one will impress judges and the voting public enough to be crowned the … Continue reading Read This If You Want To Win Eurovision!

The Solution Focused Lens

Being a good Solution Focused therapist requires the practitioner to view people in a particular way. As Elliott Connie and Adam Froerer put it in their recent book*; ‘What really sets our approach apart is its stance – the position we take about viewing our clients as capable and strong and worthy collaborators in co-constructing … Continue reading The Solution Focused Lens

What’s So Good About Solution Focused Therapy?

Why would anyone pick a Solution Focused therapist instead of one practicing any other approach? Well, for starters, it’s different to other approaches. Most ‘traditional’ approaches are Problem Focused – they rely on understanding the problem and finding a way to solve it, whereas the Solution Focused approach relies on clarifying what is hoped for … Continue reading What’s So Good About Solution Focused Therapy?