Hello, Goodbye (ending sessions)

Working in a solution focused way, I think of every session with a client as an opportunity to reach a point of realisation that everything needed to achieve the desired outcome is present. I view any single session as potentially all that's needed to reach that point, and therefore can always be the last session. … Continue reading Hello, Goodbye (ending sessions)

Welcome To The Future! (New features! New Music Site!)

Regular visitors to Keep Calm and Solution Focused may notice a few changes this month: Most of the new stuff can be seen on the right side of the screen on pc/mac, or right at the bottom of the page on phone/tablet (scroll all the way down... keep going... a little further... there!) Firstly, I've … Continue reading Welcome To The Future! (New features! New Music Site!)

Adjectives Are Meaningless

I watched a programme on BBC 2 over Christmas called 'Pilgrimage, The Road to Rome'. It was about a bunch of celebrities walking an old pilgrimage route to Rome to meet the pope. One of the celebrities, Stephen K Amos, had a personal agenda; he was determined to challenge the Catholic Church’s apparent traditionally disapproving … Continue reading Adjectives Are Meaningless

It’s A Kind Of Magic

People often comment that there seems to be some magic in Solution Focused working; the client simply describes being a preferred version of themselves, then they seem to magically transform into that version! Everything we regard as science was once thought of as magic. The technology at work in your mobile phone is all explainable … Continue reading It’s A Kind Of Magic