Forwards Together

Human beings by nature thrive on interconnectedness. Studies into what makes people happy have repeatedly revealed that shared experiences with other people and a sense of equality amongst people are key*. That being the case, it’s very likely that you are currently working on something with other people, or at least thinking of doing something … Continue reading Forwards Together

This Wall Doesn’t Need Plastering, It Just Needs To Be Smooth!

We recently downsized from a house to a flat (part of the strategy to make setting up my own business viable). We went for the option which involves buying a relatively cheaper place with a lot of potential and using the saved equity from doing so to refurbish it and get the place exactly as … Continue reading This Wall Doesn’t Need Plastering, It Just Needs To Be Smooth!

SF Worm

I've got this crazy SF Worm helping with my digestionIt's making me ask all these crazy questionsIt's plucking the strings between my heart and brainI don't think I'll ever be the same again I met a man whose life was in a terrible mess”I screwed everything up" he felt compelled to confessWe had an unusual … Continue reading SF Worm


I hit 50 last year, and clichéd as it may sound, the fact is I reached something of a crossroads in my life.It coincided with all sorts of shit going down.Maybe that's only to be expected on reaching 50, I've no idea. Whatever.All sorts of shit. Anyway, a year on, and I've finally made a … Continue reading Success

Hello, Goodbye (ending sessions)

Working in a solution focused way, I think of every session with a client as an opportunity to reach a point of realisation that everything needed to achieve the desired outcome is present. I view any single session as potentially all that's needed to reach that point, and therefore can always be the last session. … Continue reading Hello, Goodbye (ending sessions)