SF Worm

I’ve got this crazy SF Worm helping with my digestion
It’s making me ask all these crazy questions
It’s plucking the strings between my heart and brain
I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again

I met a man whose life was in a terrible mess
”I screwed everything up” he felt compelled to confess
We had an unusual conversation
Now he’s going in a cool direction

Someone told Martha she had EUPD
She said “they gave me a name for what’s wrong with me”
We talked about the person that she wanted to be
Now she’s a stable celebrity

Billy was a dude who liked to sing
But to make ends meet was a difficult thing
We talked about dreams and the star on board
Now he’s well on his way to a Brit Award

“How did you do that?” They all asked of me
“Simple” I said “I’m rocking SFBT!”

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