Adjectives Are Meaningless

I watched a programme on BBC 2 over Christmas called 'Pilgrimage, The Road to Rome'. It was about a bunch of celebrities walking an old pilgrimage route to Rome to meet the pope. One of the celebrities, Stephen K Amos, had a personal agenda; he was determined to challenge the Catholic Church’s apparent traditionally disapproving … Continue reading Adjectives Are Meaningless

It’s A Kind Of Magic

People often comment that there seems to be some magic in Solution Focused working; the client simply describes being a preferred version of themselves, then they seem to magically transform into that version! Everything we regard as science was once thought of as magic. The technology at work in your mobile phone is all explainable … Continue reading It’s A Kind Of Magic

Myth Busting: Problem Talk

Talking about our problems doesn't help. That's a myth. Talking about our hopes and achievements despite, or in response to, our problems helps. We've all found ourselves sitting in a group of people bonding through a shared moan about politics, societal issues and the state of the world; 'putting the world to rights'. Think about … Continue reading Myth Busting: Problem Talk

A Signal In The Distance, To Whom It May Concern*

    I’m trying something a little different this time around; a short video blog (or ‘vlog’). There’s a transcript and further discussion below. This also marks the launch of my new YouTube channel, here: It is intended as an introductory piece beginning to explain the solution focused approach, or at least my personal … Continue reading A Signal In The Distance, To Whom It May Concern*

1 in 4 (All You Need Is Love)

There's this popular idea that 1 in 4 people suffer with 'mental health problems', which has led to the instinct to try to identify which amongst us is that 1, so that we might help them. Looking for signs of 'mental health problems', then, has become the go to starting point in 'mental health awareness', and 'mental … Continue reading 1 in 4 (All You Need Is Love)