Past, Present and Future

There's something we health professionals do sometimes that I now notice myself doing less often. It's talking about our clients characteristics, beliefs and habits with apparent certainty that these things exist right now, in the current moment, even though we can't possibly know whether that is the case because they aren't in the room, and … Continue reading Past, Present and Future

How Many Appointments?

Something I find very interesting is expectations around how many appointments someone will need when they approach the service I work in looking for help. Referrers sometimes contact us ahead of initial appointments, with an expressed expectation such as "they clearly have a lot of problems, so will need a lot of support". Clients are … Continue reading How Many Appointments?

Best Hopes

I'm going to be blogging about my work as a Registered Nurse (Mental Health) and Solution Focused Practitioner. During my work at the University of Surrey, I'm privileged to witness students getting through in spite of everything life throws at them (relationship difficulties, homesickness, academic pressure, illness, debt, plus maybe addiction, self-harm, psychosis, grief, isolation, … Continue reading Best Hopes