The Solution Focused Lens

Being a good Solution Focused therapist requires the practitioner to view people in a particular way. As Elliott Connie and Adam Froerer put it in their recent book*; ‘What really sets our approach apart is its stance – the position we take about viewing our clients as capable and strong and worthy collaborators in co-constructing … Continue reading The Solution Focused Lens

This Wall Doesn’t Need Plastering, It Just Needs To Be Smooth!

We recently downsized from a house to a flat (part of the strategy to make setting up my own business viable). We went for the option which involves buying a relatively cheaper place with a lot of potential and using the saved equity from doing so to refurbish it and get the place exactly as … Continue reading This Wall Doesn’t Need Plastering, It Just Needs To Be Smooth!


I hit 50 last year, and clichéd as it may sound, the fact is I reached something of a crossroads in my life.It coincided with all sorts of shit going down.Maybe that's only to be expected on reaching 50, I've no idea. Whatever.All sorts of shit. Anyway, a year on, and I've finally made a … Continue reading Success

Look Into Your Mind’s Eye

"Look into your mind’s eye see what you can see, there's hundreds of people like you and me" (Hawkwind; 'Hurry On Sundown') The town I grew up in was renowned for its Friday night street brawls, conspicuous uneven distribution of wealth and availability of illegal drugs. It was once described in a national newspaper, albeit … Continue reading Look Into Your Mind’s Eye