The last thing I wrote was written by a different me. The me that is writing this now is different to that one because millions of changes have taken place at a microcellular level. Who knows what this new me might achieve? Especially considering the further microcellular changes that'll inevitably take place in the future. … Continue reading Changes

Mental Health – What To look Out For

Most of what is presented to us as ‘mental health awareness’ is actually mental illness awareness. The trend has been to tell people signs of mental illness to look out for. Because everyone experiences these things at times, we all dutifully notice them when they crop up and hopefully seek help. This is generally a … Continue reading Mental Health – What To look Out For

Read This If You Want To Win Eurovision!

I love the Eurovision song contest! It’s a force for good in the world, and perhaps the ultimate expression of unbridled joy, arrived at through the promotion of diversity, collaboration and positivity. Of the 26 acts competing in the final on Saturday, one will impress judges and the voting public enough to be crowned the … Continue reading Read This If You Want To Win Eurovision!

Adjectives Are Meaningless

I watched a programme on BBC 2 over Christmas called 'Pilgrimage, The Road to Rome'. It was about a bunch of celebrities walking an old pilgrimage route to Rome to meet the pope. One of the celebrities, Stephen K Amos, had a personal agenda; he was determined to challenge the Catholic Church’s apparent traditionally disapproving … Continue reading Adjectives Are Meaningless

1 in 4 (All You Need Is Love)

There's this popular idea that 1 in 4 people suffer with 'mental health problems', which has led to the instinct to try to identify which amongst us is that 1, so that we might help them. Looking for signs of 'mental health problems', then, has become the go to starting point in 'mental health awareness', and 'mental … Continue reading 1 in 4 (All You Need Is Love)