Forwards Together

Human beings by nature thrive on interconnectedness. Studies into what makes people happy have repeatedly revealed that shared experiences with other people and a sense of equality amongst people are key*.

That being the case, it’s very likely that you are currently working on something with other people, or at least thinking of doing something that will involve interaction with other people.

So here’s some Solution Focused questions I’ve come up with that I hope might be useful for you to think about, as part of the process of striving to turn any dream (particularly a collectively held dream) into a reality:

What do you hope might happen as a result of going in the same direction as other people?

What are the signs of people being alongside you, or lighting up the path ahead?

What do you notice yourself doing different at the times when people seem to be alongside you?

What might everyone agree on?

How do you know when other people share your dream?

Supposing that others have a reason for sometimes doing something to hold you back, how might you find out that reason?

What difference might it make to know that reason?

How might you know that you’re still going in a direction that’s right for you and everyone else, even when you feel most alone in doing so?

How have you got this far?

What signs have you already seen that your dream might be coming true, to any extent?

What further signs are you looking for that your dream might be coming true, to any extent?

How will you know that this future, when it becomes the present, is better for everyone?

*For example, the world’s longest running study into happiness; The Harvard Study of Adult Development. If you’d like to know more, I’d recommend this article; and this podcast;

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