Welcome To The Future! (New features! New Music Site!)

Regular visitors to Keep Calm and Solution Focused may notice a few changes this month:

Most of the new stuff can be seen on the right side of the screen on pc/mac, or right at the bottom of the page on phone/tablet (scroll all the way down… keep going… a little further… there!)

Firstly, I’ve added a new feature which I hope will make it easier to find specific topics/themes of interest; you can now search by category as well as publication date.

Secondly, I’ve added Twitter and Instagram live feeds, so that you can see my up to the minute activity on those platforms, and also links to my accounts on the other social media channels I engage with (Facebook, YouTube and bandcamp at time of writing. I’ll update it as things change).

Also, right at the bottom, you’ll notice I’ve added a music player. This will contain a playlist of music I’ve recorded and published (currently one cover version, but it’s early days! – Expect more songs, including original content, soon …ish!), which leads me to the final change, and the next stage of evolution in my solution focused mass communication with the world!:

In the menu at the top of every page, as well as below the music player, is a link to my brand new second website, Chris Ward SF Music; a companion piece to Keep Calm and Solution Focused. Perhaps the Yin to the Yang you’re looking at now!

I’ve published an introductory post over there explaining what it’s all about, what I mean by ‘SF Music’ and establishing the infrastructure to make all of the music I record in future documented and easily accessible. It’ll act as a hub for all the latest news on my music recording and performing, as well as insights into the creative process, and the two sites will refer to each other where there’s an overlap.

Going forwards, if you’re interested in an overview of everything I publish (written word, as presented here over the past couple of years, as well as my music), then you’ll find that most conveniently on social media, which will contain links to both sites for blogs, in depth coverage, detail, discussion, archived content and so on.

If you are primarily interested in the content on one of the sites over the other, then you can simply choose to check back on whichever is of greatest interest to you whenever it suits you. By clicking on the ‘follow by email’ box on either site, you’ll receive a short email notification each time new content is published just on that site, which you can easily unsubscribe to in future should you no longer wish to receive such emails.

So that’s it for May 2020 on Keep Calm and Solution Focused! Please head on over to Chris Ward SF Music for this months blogging (and so much more!), then from June I’ll be publishing separate content across the two sites, although always with complimentary themes and always from a solution focused perspective, of course!

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