Now and Then

Within the realms of hypothetical possibility, no matter how unlikely, and within your sphere of influence, taking into account any constraints you have to contend with, what would you most like to achieve?

Suppose that you somehow achieve it at some point. What difference would it make to you and others? What difference would it make to the way you view yourself – the person you would consider yourself to be? And the person others would consider you to be?

Now suppose that somehow, at some point, you become that person. That person you’d most like to be. No matter what happens in your life from this point forwards.

If you could somehow send a message to yourself back through time from then to now, what would that message say?

What would you notice that’s different about you in any particular situation, from that point on?

What’s different about how you might handle such a situation then, compared to now?

What would a small difference be in the way that you handle such a situation between now and then, if it were to be a little closer towards how you would then?

What would you like to keep about how you handle such a situation now?

What about in other situations?

In as many other situations as you can imagine? Typical, everyday situations.

What else, out of everything you’ve been doing so far, might be useful to keep doing?

What might other people notice about you that could be a sign that you’re on your way to becoming this person?

How might you know they’ve noticed that?

What difference would it make for you to notice this happening?

What signs have you noticed that you might already be on your way to becoming this person, even if only sometimes?

If you like, list 10 more signs, then another 20, then another 50.

Out of all the answers you’ve come up with to these questions, what stands out to you as something that will be useful for you going forwards from this point?

See you then.

4 thoughts on “Now and Then

  1. Lovely set of questions, Chris! I will have to read them again when I have more time to contemplate them. Thank you!


  2. Chris: What a wonderful summarization of the SFBT model you have imagined in this narrative. It takes in the questions, the spirit, the best hopes, the encouragement of becomig even any small part of the person you would like to be. The process keeps encouraging hope, possibility amidst limitations and never falters. It helps me tremendously to keep to the focus of the model and maintain my own hope in its use.


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