This is our beginning coming to an end

adult background ball shaped blur

A and B enter room and sit down.

A “I feel so much better already!”
B “how did you manage to do that?”
A “what?”
B “to feel so much better already?”
A “no I just mean that coming here and talking to you really helps. Makes me feel better”
B “and your part in that?”
A “oh, err… talking to you. I get things off my chest. Talking to anyone actually, well not anyone, you know, talking to the right people”
B “how do you know they’re the right people?”
A “they listen”
B “you talk, they listen, you feel better, it helps”
A “exactly!”
B “what else have you been doing over the last couple of weeks that really helps you feel better?”
A “huh, well… It hasn’t been all better, it’s still been difficult… but what I’ve been doing… Well what we talked about, I’ve started the day like that most days. Oh and I got some work done”
B “cool! What else?”
A “well I’ve been walking in the park. I love being in nature, you know? That really helps sometimes”
B “nice. What else do you do that really helps?”
A “well, spending time with my friends… I’ve been thinking differently. When I get a group chat message about going out somewhere, I’m not just going like it’s to everyone they don’t really want me there”
B “and instead?”
A “I’m thinking they might, why not! I can always leave early, why don’t I give it a go, you know? Just thinking like that… That’s helping me feel better too”
B “and what is doing all of these things, helping you feel better, leading to?”
A “leading to? Oh yeah ok, it’s just like a weight is lifted off my chest, you know?”
B “what do you replace the weight with?”
A “I don’t… Oh ok, maybe I do… Hmm… It’s a lightness, acceptance”
B “and the difference this lightness, acceptance makes?”
A “… I believe I can do this. I have self-belief”
B “what else?”
A “I’m not hating myself anymore. I think I’m ok. More than ok! I’m cool!… I can’t believe how far I’ve come actually! I’ve still got a long way to go, but I can do it, I know I can”
B “can you do it without coming here and talking with me?”
A “…yeah… You know what? I think I can yeah… Thank you”
B “thank you too. It’s been a pleasure”
A “ok, well I have things to do now. Thanks again”
B “I better get out of your way then! You take care. See you around, or not!”
A “hopefully not to be honest! In a good way I mean! You know!”
B “absolutely! I hope not too! You know where we are, you’re always welcome, either way it’s cool. You’re cool in fact! You have a great day”
A “you too! Bye!”

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