An intretesing phmoneoenn esixts werhbey as lnog as the frsit and lsat lteters of ecah wrod are in palce, the radeer can mkae snsne of a pecie of witrnig no metatr waht odrer all the ohter lterers are in.

This is bceuase our binars sopt the fmaliair and mkae snese of waht we are sineeg, bsead on our lraeinng. We are cnstoucrtnig our vsreoin.

But waht if ecxetpoins to what we hvae lraent esixt aonmsgt the wrods? Waht if smoenoe wree to wtire taht teihr nmae is Jhon, and tiehr nmae is atcaluly Jhon, not John? Gtetnig taht rhgit wehn we rpley culod mkae a dfefienrce.

In oderr to sopt the ecxetpoins we need to rmemrebr taht tehy esixt, ptneoilalty in erevy stnecence we raed.Untitled

The smae geos for ervetyinhg we haer. Wtahveer polepe tlel us, ecextpinons esixt. By bireang tihs in mnid and ltnsienig vrey coslely we are mroe lekliy to sopt tehm, and uinsg the smae wrods for toshe ecextpinons wehn we rlepy cluod mkae a big dfrifenece.

Wehn smoenoe tlels us aubot the plbormes and dfctifluites tehy are fncaig, and the ecfeft tihs is hvniag on tehm and ohter ploepe aonurd tehm, in aognmst waht tehy are syniag esixt ecextpions wichh can be eisaly olrevkoked if we floolw our itsnicnt to mkae snese of waht we are hraenig tohrguh a ftiler of fmlaiaitiry.

Nvreetehlses, tohse etpcxeinos are terhe. Tehy can be vrey sbltue. Sgnile wodrs scuh as “lhgtinses”, “fere”, “silme”, “apeccetd”. Wrods wichh seem to fit mroe wtih waht tehy say tehy wluod lkie to hvae tahn waht tehy wluod lkie to be rid of.

Wehn we ntcoie tehse ecextpioanl wrods and use tehm in our rlpey we are uinsg the lgnagaue of taht psreon’s pfrerered epxreniece of lfie, and wehn tehy haer the smae wrods ehceod bcak, tehy are lkeliy to hvae a ctreian fiamliraity. Tehy may srtat to rbmeemer the ctnoxet in wihch tehy lreant to use tehse wrods, rgceonsie the wyas in wichh tehse wrods cluod be uesd to dscebrie tehmlseves at tehir bset, and tehy mgiht eevn sartt to cnotsurct a dfifrenet vrseion of tehmlseves, oervcmiong all pborelms and dfctifluites in a way wihch mkeas snese to tehm.

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